Saturday, March 24, 2007


by Yopie Latul

Balenggang pata-pata
Ngana pe goyang pica-pica
Ngana pe bodi poco-poco

Cuma ngana yang kita cinta
Cuma ngana yang kita sayang
Cuma ngana suka biking pusing

Ngana bilang
Kita na sayang
Rasa hati ini malayang
Jau… uh… ci ya … ci ya

Biar kita ngana pe bayang
Biar na biking layang-layang
Cuma ngana yang kita sayang

Poco1Menghadap ke Utara : a, b, c, d.
4d, membuat kita menghadap ke Barat

Menghadap ke Barat : Ulangi a, b, c, d,
4d, membuat kita menghadap ke Selatan

Menghadap ke Selatan : Ulangi a, b, c, d,
4d, membuat kita menghadap ke Timur

Menghadap ke Timur : Ulangi a, b, c, d,
4d, membuat kita menghadap ke Utara

GERAKAN VARIASI 1: Lakukan a, b, c, (k, m), d menghadap U, B, S, T dst.


Musik & Lirik (Bahasa Manado): Arie Sapulette
gambar oleh: Irianto Tedja

Sumber: Yopie Latul - Poco-Poco

The Poco-Poco is a popular line dance which originally comes from the Minahasa people in Sulawesi. The steps are said to originate from farming activities such as picking cloves, planting rice, hoeing the fields and peeling coconut fibre.
The Poco-poco dance become very popular throughout Indonesia a few years ago and has been integrated into aerobic classes and at dance schools throughout Indonesia. It has become one of many dances that young and old want to learn. Many organisations hold Poco-poco dance competitions and it is also a popular dance for celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and Independence Day.

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